A downloadable game

Ouch, development paused indefinitely, you can get the text game source here: https://github.com/ThePagi/python-text-mmo/ it is open-source, use it as you wish.

A long, long time ago the world was struck by a catastrophe. Remains of human population hid underground, then with time people learned to farm there and formed villages. Centuries later the villages are sparse and resources scarce. Brave adventurers explore ancient tunnels by which the underground is interwoven, but not many return. 

Above the Core is a text-based multiplayer dungeon-crawler. You are a young villager who dreams about returning to the surface. Endless hallways full of monsters, traps and puzzles await you. A beautiful town, your death, or both could lie behind next door. How far do you dare to go?

Cooperate with others to defeat bosses, or murder and steal. Customize your spells and gear, trade for the largest profit. Fight for prestige in your town, or delve into the unknown. The world is alive, the economy changes, dungeons transform, people judge you. After killing dozens of enemies, the monster might be you.

Uncover the mystery behind world's end and the origin of monsters. Find out who is pulling the strings, whose presence you can feel alone in the dark. Everything is combined into one breathtaking story.

After exploring every inch of the room, how can you be sure that there is no treasure left?
That there is no hidden exit?
That nobody is watching?

Visit the game's blog and learn more : abovethecore.wordpress.com

Note: The game was originally supposed to be 3D, but due to unforeseen circumstances it will be a MUD-like text game.