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This is a text game played on cards in a beautiful tavern. The game could be classified as something between text adventure and roguelike.

Every card represents a character, item or environment. Cards are randomly drawn, the player has to interact with them. 

When the player draws a new environment, he "travels" there, replacing the pack of cards to draw from.

Characters and items have various options, the player can trade, fight or just talk.

The core game is made in Unity connected to lua using Moonsharp, all cards are lua cripts connected by Unity. They can share and save data, present unique options to player etc. Thanks to lua the cards can be designed to do practically anything. 

In this prototype stage the core-game functions available to lua are crude, so remaking them for easier use is advised. 

This project is a prototype and is not being worked on at the moment. There is no download. This page serves only as a form of my information management. If you are interested in this project, contact me, I'm considering making a free client with community making card packs.

There is a download now.


This game is currently unavailable

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