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Try, Get fried, Repeat is a fast-paced speedrunning game situated in a bedroom. The room is getting filled with lava, and the only way to save yourself is by getting to the top of the room. Unfortunately your only form of movement is your hook. With its help you can jump up the furniture and survive the lavapocalypse(Or is it magma when it is inside a room?). The game is really hard - sorry - but it is winnable and that by multiple routes. Enjoy the trying!

Tips for lazy people:

You can hook to another object in-air, but until you touch the ground, gravity force will keep accumulating until it exceeds the hook's one.

By deactivating the hook mid-flight you can slide, which can be helpful, but also deadly.


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Try, Get fried, Repeat.rar 14 MB
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Nice game C:, but quite hard.

Btw, music in the gameplay felt too relax. Maybe something that increases the mood tension.

Also found some glitches:

  • The menu is cropped on the right screen
  • The credit is cropped on the left
  • Clicking the title font exits the game

Thanks very much for the feedback!

You're welcome.

I really like how the music gets louder the higher you get